ALF3 Australian Labradoodles

Mom Zoe


Dad Phoenix

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April 24, 2020 Litter RESERVATIONS ARE ALL FULL:



1. Maggie (Listowel, ON)

2. Michelle (Mississauga, ON)

3. Carrie / Emma (Kincardine, ON)

4. Gary (Mississauga, ON)

5. Gunter & Susanne (Fenelon Falls, ON)

Next Litter: October 2020 - ALL RESERVED

Taking Reservations for Spring 2021

Last updated July 1, 2020


Zoe & Phoenix Litter Details


Zoe & Phoenix's next litter is expected October or November 2020!!!


They will range in colour from

  • black

  • chocolate

  • black & white

  • chocolate & white 

  • black & tan

  • chocolate & tan 

  • tricolour (black, white & tan) or (chocolate, white & tan)

This litter is stunning and they will have a wonderful, playful personality to go with it!  Zoe is such a playful, affectionate Mini F1B  labradoodle and along with our multigen Australian labradoodle stud Phoenix's loyal and affectionate personality, they are sure to produce great puppies.  If you are looking for a wonderful family companion that will love to get in on all the action and love to cuddle with you on the couch, this litter will fit that criteria perfectly. 

Height:  18-20" at the shoulder

Weight: 30-35 lbs as adults. 


Their silky soft wavy fleece coats will be very low to non shedding and will be excellent for people with allergies.

They will come with: 

  • first vaccinations

  • vet checked

  • dewormed

  • microchipped, 

  • 2 year genetic health guarantee

  • 15lb bag puppy food

If you are interested in reserving a puppy from this litter, please complete our Application and we will get back to you with further details regarding the completion of your reservation.

This litter ranges in price from $2500.00 - $2800.00, depending on colour.  See Pricing page for details.

7 1/2 weeks old!!!

Black Parti Girl  $2800.00

Black Girl  $2500.00

4 weeks old!!!

Chocolate Parti Boy  $2800.00

Chocolate & Tan Boy  $2800.00

Black & Tan Parti (Tri-Colour) Boy  $2800.00

4 Weeks Old

Black Parti Girl  $2800.00

Black Girl  $2500.00

Chocolate Parti Boy  $2800.00

Black Parti Phantom Boy  $2800.00

Chocolate Phantom Boy  $2800.00

3 weeks old!!!

Black Parti Phantom Boy  $2800.00

Chocolate Phantom Boy  $2800.00

1 week old!!!

Chocolate Parti Boy  $2800.00

Black Girl  $2500.00

Black Parti Girl  $2800.00

1 week old!!!

3 Boys

2 Girls

Contact: Darren & Stephanie Huber | Listowel  ON  N4W 3G8 | 519 291 6633  Contact Form

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