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Doodle Sweethearts

Adoption Process

Adoption Procedures

PLEASE NOTE: The breeder reserves the right to select pups as breeding prospects prior to families choosing.


Step 1 - Application Form: please fill in and submit Puppy Adoption Form


We will send you an email message to confirm if your application has been accepted.


Step 2 - Deposit:  When your application has been approved, we will ask you for a $500.00 non refundable deposit, by Etransfer.  When we receive the deposit, you will be placed on our reservation list.


If our litter is smaller than expected, we will refund your deposit or you can apply it to another one of our upcoming litters.


Step 3 - Puppies are Born: We will email and let you know when the puppies are born. We will take photos at 1-2 weeks old and post on our website and Facebook. We try to update the photos every 2 weeks.


Step 4- Family Visit & Selection: Some time after puppies are born, we will set a tentative date (usually a Saturday) for choosing your puppy. A family visit with the pups will take place when the pups are approximately 6 weeks old.

Picking order is given in the order we receive deposits.


If you are one of the first in line to choose, please kindly consider the people after you who are waiting to choose and make time in your schedule to come for first appointments offered on that day if possible. (Choosing may also be done by photos & phone call if the distance doesn't allow you to come visit.)


Step 5 - Order Puppy Food: Review the information on our website to prepare for your puppy. If you plan to feed your puppy what we recommend: TLC Natural Life Pet Food, it would be good to get it ordered so you have it when your puppy comes home.

Step 6- Vet health check & first vaccinations: The puppies will have their health check between 7 & 8 weeks old.  (They will check the body, skin, coat, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.)


Puppies will already have had all the dewormings at age 3 weeks, 5 weeks and 7 weeks.


Step 7- Puppy Pick-Up: Puppies are ready for pick up after 8 weeks old, and we will hold them up to a week long. Pick up day is quite flexible (except we are not available on Sunday) and we will arrange this time, via email, after you come to choose your puppy.


If you are not able to come before the puppy is 9 weeks old, we do require an additional $50.00 a week for board.



NOTE:  If you require us to fly your puppy to you, Shipping is at the expense of the purchaser, however, we will arrange shipping for your convenience. Depending on where you live, a flight within Canada will cost an additional $500 minimum.  This includes the flight, a crate and transportation to the airport.


West Jet allows puppies to fly at 8 weeks old, where Air Canada requires puppies to be 12 weeks old. We would require an additional boarding fee of $50.00 a week, to be paid, until the puppy is old enough to fly, but we are happy to do this!

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