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Liberty - Mini F1 labradoodle.jpg


Mini F1 Labradoodles


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owner: Renee,  Barrie, ON

Hi Stephanie, I've been meaning to send you a recent picture of our Willow girl. We brought her home on January 25th from the November litter of Brandy and Georgie.  She is very snuggly and smart and has passed puppy school. She sits, comes, speaks, sits pretty, lays down. She has a lot of energy and has become a great jogging partner for me. She has stolen a piece of our hearts already. We have affectionately nicknamed her Willie. Friends of ours loved her so much that they have put a deposit down on one of your newest Brandy and Georgie girls. They are very excited about their new family member!  She is very low shedding and has the softest coat. She was easily house and crate trained.  Cheers,    Renee

2014-08-18 Willow DOB Nov.25 2013.JPG


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Tara & Lee, Toronto, ON

Hi Stephanie,


I wanted to write and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! I haven’t updated you on Abbey for a couple years but she’s as happy and healthy as ever. She celebrated her 5th birthday this past summer I can’t believe how fast the years go by. She also became a big sister this year to a baby girl so our house has been very busy. Here is a couple photos. She’s such a good dog.


Happy New Year to you as well and hope you are doing well!



Abbey - mini F1 caramel labradoodle.jpg

Hi Stephanie,

We're having a wonderful time with Finnegan. He's soooo loved. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year    Lucy, Gary, Nick, Lillian ... and Finnegan!


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Lucy, Gary, Nick, Lillian   Waterloo, ON

Finn - F1 mini labradoodle.JPG


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Krista,  Barrie, ON

Nice to hear from you!  We are all doing great!  Liberty is such a fun dog...she is loving all the dogs in our neighbourhood! Her coat is still straight. The pictures attached are from the last day or so. She sheds a bit...we find the soft hairs around the house and on our clothes a bit...but it is not too bad.  Liberty's coat is very easy to look after.  I find that she is very low maintenance..and no matting.  She always looks pretty tidy.  Although she does need a bath and a groom right now:)  Enjoy the nice weather with your family and the puppies!!.  Krista

Liberty - Mini F1 labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Monika,  Oshawa, ON

Lola is so loved here we can't get enough of her she absolutely spoiled with love from friends and family! Here are some pictures for you :) thank you again for this wonderful pup!    Monika

2014-12-26 Lola DOB Nov 2013.JPG


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Liz,   Richmond Hill, ON

Hi Stephanie, Jack is doing quite well and all settled in. He has quite the fan club at the kids' school...everyone just loves him ! Hope you and the family had a wonderful Christmas !    Thanks, Liz

Jack - Mini F1 labradoodle.JPG


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Wendy,   New Market, ON

Hi Stephanie, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas as well. This is a photo I took of Zoe tonight. She is very smart and full of mischief and doing very well. She has settled in nicely and is calming down as she grows up. She is a real jumper and friends get a good chuckle when they come to the door as she jumps straight up about 5 feet in the air to see who is there.

All is well,  Take care, Wendy


Zoe - F1 mini labradoodle.JPG


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Stephanie,  Montreal, QUEBEC

Stephanie,  I hope all is well with you!!  What a good surprise to hear from you.  I often visit your website and take a look at your puppies =)  Fifa is doing great!!!  We were in Montreal from the moment we got her until September - when we moved to Mexico for my (now husband's) work. Nevertheless I have to say that the transition has been very smooth. All in all, she is a happy, very active and high energy, intelligent, healthy, loving girl. Hope you and your family is doing great. Stephanie

Fifa -mini F1 labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Tammara,  Waterloo, ON

Merry Christmas! Gibson is doing really well, still looks like a teddy bear as you can see in the photos:) he's full of energy and can jump pretty high!!  He's definitely a big scaredy cat put is affectionate to the ones he does know. He loves car rides and going to grandmas.  Feel free to email us anytime:)  Tammara

Gibson - F1 mini labradoodle.JPG


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Beth

Hi Stephanie -

We named her Bailey - and she is absolutely lovely. She has the most beautiful coat - it is straight and keeps growing - It can be a lot of work to keep smooth, but Bailey loves to be brushed so it usually looks pretty good. People stop us all the time when we are out as she is such a cute little thing. She likes people and loves other dogs. My neighbor says that she is a little dog with big dog confidence, which I think is a good description - she holds her head and her tail up high and right now weighs in at 5.5KG (12 lbs). RE the house training it has been a snap. I can honestly tell you that we have had less than 10 accidents in the house since the day we brought her home. We trained her in a crate, we have bells hanging off of the door handle which she learned very quickly to ring, and I think it helps that my kids are a bit older, so at first someone took her out every two hours whether she asked for it or not, and although it is less frequent she still goes out quite regularly.

We just love her. Beth.

Bailey - mini F1 labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Alexandra

We just thought you would like an update on Bailie at 5 years old!!  She’s been a wonderful addition to our family. She has her quirks but that’s what gives her character. I can’t believe she’s going to be 6 this October. Bailie had to have major surgery on her back leg last year.  She totally tore the ligaments in her knee. You would never know it she’s as active as ever. We love her very much and have given her a loving home. Thank you again for entrusting us with one of your puppies.  Yours truly,   Alexandra

p.s. I was lucky to get this picture Bailie always turns her back on me when I bring out the camera 😄

Bailey - mini F1 apricot labradoodle.JPG


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Dwayne & Krista



Ryely is amazing.  So smart and funny.  Great personality.  You can see him thinking all the time.  Also, he has an incredible jump.  Standing still I think he can leap 5 feet in the air.  He is eye to eye with Krista. lol


Merry Christmas,  Many Thanks,     Dwayne and Krista




Ryely - mini F1 labradoodle.JPG


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Courtney

Hi Stephanie,


Leila is doing very well! She has settled in nicely with our family and enjoys meeting new dog friends at the park. She's definitely mischievous, but that's what we love about her. She's such a wonderful family pet. She's growing well and is currently 25lbs.  Thanks for the check in!  Happy New Year 😊    Courtney

Leila - mini F1 labradoodle - Brandy x G


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Tanya

Hello Stephanie


Thanks for the email...... I often think of you!! Molly is doing great - she has really fit into our family well. She is a very happy puppy and our girls are in love. She is definitely the girls dog, she is very sweet with them.  She is in the need of a groom right now but I will send you a few pictures in the next couple of days.  A very Merry Christmas to you and your family.    Tanya

Molly - mini F1 labradoodle - Brandy x G


Parents: Brandy & Georgie

Owners: Kelly,  Strathroy, ON

Hi Stephanie,

I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas. Dallas is great. He is still very excitable and full of energy. Dallas loves his walks, playing fetch, pulling the squeakers stuffing out of his toys. Dallas also loves to watch television when other animals are on. He goes nuts: jumping up & down and talking to the television. He even looks behind the television for the animals. It is so funny. They say dogs can't see television, wrong, even if appear. Dallas is loved very much. He has become my best friend.  Happy New Year to you and your family.  Cheers Kelly

Dallas - F1 mini labradoodle.JPG


Parents: Nakita & Georgie

Owners: Patrick

Hello Stephanie and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Lucy is doing awesome and we love her so much.  She has had no issues with health or behaviour and we are so proud of her.  She took a puppy training course during her first winter with us and she passed with flying colours.  She loves the dog park and playing with other dogs and loves her family so much (and by family I mean she knows her two Grandma's, Uncles and Aunts and nieces and nephews).  She gets so excited when they come over. 


She eats well and has been on a food made of sweet potato and salmon.  She can get a little fussy when it comes to actually getting around to eating and prefers to eat under the kitchen table..LOL.  She is still not the best in the car.  When in the car she can't seem to relax and stands the entire time and will not sit or lay down and always starts to pant.  But she loves going to the private dog park, run by some people who have a farm\pet store near us and always loves spending an hour there which we do every day or so.  She can play fetch for an hour straight and runs like the wind.  Everyone always says she is the fastest dog they have seen.  She also loves water and has her own pool she plays in.


Funny thing is she never grew much.  She is just under 17 pounds but vet says she is perfect health.  I think she was breed mini-poodle and chocolate lab but our vet even things that she may have terrier in her based on her small size and coat.  But we love her so much it doesn't matter.  We will have to stop by this spring so you can see her again.  All the best.



Lucy - mini F1 black labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Nakita & Georgie

Owners: Kristyn

Hi Stephanie,


We named her Tesla and we absolutely adore her.  She is everything that we were hoping for when we decided to get a Labradoodle.  She loves meeting new people (other dogs less so, but she gets along with everyone) and soaking up attention and her tail is almost always wagging.  Not only is she as friendly as could be, she's very smart and learns new tricks easily and loves to play fetch and Frisbee which she will catch in the air.  She stayed a bit smaller than I thought she would at about 18 lbs but that really is a great size, not too big or too small and she fits on my lap perfectly as you can see.


Hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas and wishing you a great 2015!    Kristyn



Parents: Nakita & Rumour

Owners: Frank

Hi Stephanie and Darren -

Thought I'd send a few cute pix of Jasper. He is adapting well to his surroundings, including our parrot Kiwi (though we never trust him alone as his instincts could kick in, but he seems to respect the 'don't eat the family pets' rule), and flew thru puppy school at Pet Smart, to where he now knows many commands eg stop, drop it, leave it, sit, lie down, give a paw, and even roll over. Never thought the right treats in such small doses could accomplish so much. He's a smart one, and knows exactly when it's time to go in his cage, avoiding us like the plague, but for the smallest piece of liver treat we can get him to willingly go in.

Only downside is he sheds a fair amount right now on the floor everywhere it seems, so having to vacuum every couple days - hoping it's just a spring thing as it seems worse than when we got him. We play with him a lot inside and he's very active, so that 'knocks the hair out of him' too. We're happy he's a great walker when outside, and loves the off leash puppy park.


See you have a new addition-looks like the move to cream colored whelps should happen soon. Will watch the site for them.







Parents: Nakita & Rumour

Owners: Mary & Richard

Hi Darren


This is Jake's grade 1 graduation photo. He just finished his classes at McCann and passed with 'excellents' in all areas. Interestingly, his brother, Tucker, was also in the class. They look almost identical except that Tucker is slightly bigger. We figure that Tucker was the first puppy picked. Tucker also did well in the class.


Jake saw the vet yesterday for a Leptospirosis vaccination. He is in good health and weighs about 35 pounds. The vet says he is almost full grown now.


He is a great dog--very friendly, happy, affectionate and trainable.


I hope you and your family are all well. Have you had the baby?


All the best

Mary and Richard



Parents: Nakita & Rumour

Owners: Marnie

Hi Stephanie

Nice to hear from you. You must be busy with your new baby, and now you have more puppies to look after.  Shadow is doing fine, he keeps us on the go, still a lot of puppy in him.  I'm not sure how much he weighs but we had him fixed at 9 months and he was 37 lbs. then, so I think he's maybe 42 lbs. now. He's a good size, not so big as he takes up a lot of space but big enough to take on long walks.

I've include some pictures, he's hard to photograph because of his colour.  Take care,    Marnie 



Parents: Nakita & Rumour

Owners: Kevin & Terri and family

Hi Darren & Stephanie
Thanks for the e-mail. It is really hard to believe it has almost been a year since we picked up our puppy from you. We named her Sami and the first picture I have attached is Sami in her cage the second day we had her at home. The kids absolutely adore her and dote over her everyday. We are taking her to the vet next week so we should know her exact weight but I would guess she is 30 pounds and around 18 inches tall. Sami is very high energy and loves to play with other dogs. My brother has a golden doodle and they are great play mates. She loves to carry sticks on our walks and I have attached a picture of her on one of our walks. The bigger the stick the more determined she is to carry it the entire walk. She is definitely the queen of the house.  Regards,    Kevin & Terri and Family

Sami - medium F1 labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Nakita & Rumour

Owners: Keri

Hi Stephanie,


Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! We have been very busy since the fall with a new baby.


Scout has been a fantastic dog! She has been easy to train and has a great temperament. She is fantastic with kids! I'm not sure off hand what her height and weight is but will let you know after our next vet visit. She stayed all black with the exception of a brown "mustache"...


I have included a photo of her!    Keri

IMG_0032 - Scout.JPG


Parents: Nakita & Oakley

Owners: Zenaida

Hi Stephanie


Great to hear from you. We named her Daisy! She keeps us quite busy! She was easy to train for some things, others we are working on as she is still a puppy. She's very active... We have spayed her already and we were told that she would slow down, but no signs of that as yet! She's a hurricane!! I thought she would be smaller and sheds a bit more than I would want, but overall we love her and I think she knows it! She has been a great addition to our family and she loves the attention she gets.


I will send you other pictures later. These were taken in April


All the best


Daisy - mini F1 chocolate


Parents: Nakita & Oakley

Owners: Eszther and AJ

Hi Stephanie,


It is wonderful to hear from you! Willow is having an excellent summer running around, swimming and chasing butterflies. She has such a great personality and loves ever creature that she meets. Her face is very blonde now and she has some patches of grey throughout her body - we think she is just the cutest! I hope you and your family are well:)


Eszter and AJ

Willow - mini F1 chocolate labradoodle -


Parents: Nakita & Oakley

Owners: Christa

Hi Stephanie,


Nice to hear from you.  We are having a wonderful summer!


Please see the most recent picture of "Russell".

We are all feeling so blessed to have such a wonderful dog. Thank you so much!


If you need more pics let me know.  We have tons.    Christa

Russell - mini F1 chocolate labradoodle


Parents: Nakita & Oakley

Owners: Paula

Hi there

Coco is doing very well.  I will send you some pics. 



Coco - mini F1 chocolate labradoodle - N


Parents: Nakita & Oakley

Owners: Francy

Hi Stephanie,

Attached is a picture of Ellie.  Her colouring is quite a bit different than as a pup.  She gets lots of compliments on her "highlights"!  Do the other dogs from her litter look similar?  She is a great dog - smart, friendly, and loving!

Let me know if you want any other pictures.  Thanks,    Francy

Ellie - mini F1 chocolate labradoodle -


Parents: Nakita & Oakley

Owners: The Juliens

Hi Stephanie! 

We absolutely love our Lucie! She's such a little sweetheart, and a real social butterfly, getting along with almost all dogs and people.  At 10 months old, she's the perfect size, coming in at 32 lbs. It took me a year to convince my wife in getting a dog, but it only took a few seconds for her fall completely in love. Obviously our kids love their new sibling :)   Here's some pics of her.  Take care,    The Juliens

Lucie - mini F1 chocolate labradoodle -


Parents: Nakita & Oakley

Owners: The Casemore's

Hi Stephanie,


Hope you and your family are well!  As our Charlie has recently turned 3 years old on Oct 27, I thought I should send you an updated photo.  Charlie has been a great dog for our family, he loves people, we’ve really notice him calm down this year but he still loves play time any time.  We haven’t had any problem with him, we’ve kept him on tlc dog food and any time he’s at the vet he comments on how healthy he is.  It snowed at our house this morning and Charlie loves to play in the snow.  Here is a picture of him today after the snowballs melted.


Take care,

The Casemore’s

Charlie Brown - mini F1 chocolate labrad
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