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F1b Labradoodle IMG_2710-001.JPG


32 lbs - 16" tall

Lacey is a blue merle (black & grey) F1b Mini Labradoodle bred here at Doodle Sweethearts.  She is a daughter to Lexis and Cooper. Her beautiful blue merle coat with the phantom genetics will give us beautiful puppies that will be blue merle, chocolate merle, black and tan, brown and tan, black and white, brown and white and even some tricolour (black, white & tan, and brown, white & tan or merle, white & tan!!).


Lacey is one of our sweetest dogs. She is laid back and is a natural mom to her puppies! She is outgoing, loves to be with people and is great with children. It's been our
dream for a long time to have tri coloured  and merle coloured Australian Labradoodles and that dream is coming true with Lacey becoming a part of our breeding program here at Doodle Sweethearts.  Her puppies are just gorgeous!!!

Genetic Health Certificates

OFA Hips - Excellent
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