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Australian Labradoodles


Parents: Lacey & Phoenix

Owners: Kathy & Jesse D.   TORONTO, ON

Hi Stephanie,

Lenny is doing great!  He’s such a sweet and loving dog, he’s adjusted well especially when we all went back to school and has so much fun with kids! He finished a 6 week training course and did pretty well.  Here is a picture of Lenny from the other day! 

I can’t wait to see photos of his siblings😊.




Parents: Lacey & Phoenix

Owners: Evan & Tori R.    TORONTO, ON

Hi Stephanie,


It’s great to hear from you! I hope you and the family are doing well. 


Sonny is amazing!!! He is the sweetest and most cuddly puppy. He has a spunky huge personality and is a jokester. He is the best addition to our little family 😊. 


I have attached updated photos of Sonny for your website. I will definitely check out what his siblings look like!


All the best,



Sonny Boy -mini blue merle phantom australian labradoodle.jpg
Sonny Boy- mini blue merle phantom australian labradoodle.jpg
Sonny Boy - mini blue merle phantom australian labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Lacey & Phoenix

Owners: Rita S.    Gloucester, ON

Hi Stephanie,


Just sending an update with pics of Rosie and a picture of the spay invoice. She had her surgery on the 14th and did awesome! She is such a sweet and loving puppy! I get compliments all the time about how gorgeous she is! She is such a wonderful addition to the family! We all love her so much. She loves to play with my daughters' dogs and they are best friends. She is so smart. She loves to play but loves her naps to. She is a bit timid but we are working on that. Going to the dog park and meeting people she is becoming more confident and sure of herself. She's my cuddle bug!

Hope all is well and you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.



Rosie - chocolate phantom australian labradoodle.jpg

Hi Stephanie,


He so playful and sweet! 


Given he’s a big ball of fur, we have decided to call him “Boule”. 

Boule is doing great! Sleeping well and so are we :) 


Have a great day! 



Parents: Lacey & Phoenix

Owners: Kim L.    Gloucester, ON

Boule - mini blue merle phantom australian labradoodle.jpg

Hi Stephanie,


Just a quick update to let you know that Lucy is settling in very well. We could tell from the beginning how well-socialized she was; she loves being around our kids and cried any time they left the room for the first couple days. She is picking up on potty training quickly and does very well in her crate at night. We love her sweet and playful personality!

Lucy is right at home here. She has plenty of puppy energy and playfulness to keep us busy, but she also has the sweetest personality and is a social butterfly. Everyone comments on how beautiful her coat is! She still has the occasional accident but has been very easy to train. She started sleeping well through the night after only a few nights at home. I feel like I might be spoiled for any future puppy we might have, with how easy she is in that regard! 


It's still hard to get pictures when she isn't moving, but here's one from last weekend.


I hope you and your family are enjoying the rest of the summer as well!

Have a great day,



Parents: Lacey & Phoenix

Owners: Cynthia G.    Barrie, ON

Lucy - mini parti blue merle australian labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Lacey & Phoenix

Owners: Rory E.  Oakville, ON

I hope you’re doing well. 


Things are going really well with Sully.  He’s definitely keeping us busy, but we’re also having lots of fun with him!  


Here are a couple of recent photos we took of him after he went to the groomers.  He’s looking very handsome and always gets a lot of attention from others when we go out on walks.  


Best, Rory


Parents: Lacey & Phoenix

Owners: Penny T.  Barrie, ON

Hi Stephanie


Just wanted to send an updated photo of our Nelly, she is growing fast.  She had her shots last week and is due at the end of the month for her next set of shots. 


She weighs 13 pounds as of Friday this week.  We are very happy with her house training, she is very smart. 



Nelly - mini chocolate merle australian labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Lacey & Phoenix

Owners: Nancy L & Nick L.  STRATFORD, ON

Hi Stephanie 

Happy Thanksgiving  to you and your family. 

Hope you have a wonderful holiday.




Parents: Lacey & Phoenix

Owners: Justyna N.  KINGSTON, ON

Hello Stephanie,


I hope you are well!  I thought I’d share some updated pictures of our handsome guy!  Lovely day for a fall walk!


Best wishes,



Obi -mini blue merle australian labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Lacey & Phoenix

Owners: Alex & Christina F.   BRAMPTON, ON



Benny is doing fantastic!  He has adjusted perfectly into our family’s life.  He’s been great with house training and is having close to no accidents.  He’s coming to love his crate and will actually put himself into it when he’s ready for bed.  Benny is quite the character.  He is the biggest love bug and couch potato!  Towels and blankets are his favourite toys by far as well. 


We loved meeting you guys as well!  Thank you for everything.  We absolutely adore our new family member.  We’ll send more pictures as he grows but here are some of his current glamour shots!


Benny - mini chocolate parti australian labradoodle.jpg
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