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chocolate labradoodle



A responsible Labradoodle breeder will always do whats best for their dogs and their clients.  In order to provide, well-bred F1b Labradoodles and Australian Labradoodles, we have invested large amounts of money into our program.  This would include health testing, colour testing, and coat testing each parent dog, regular vet visits, importing dogs from the United States with new blood lines for our breeding program, and feeding high quality dog food.  This investment reflects the pricing of our puppies.

Our Australian labradoodles prices are noted below depending on colour (see chart below)

  • go home to you already microchipped

  • dewormed

  • vet checked

  • first set of vaccines

Our prices are subject to change at anytime; however the price at the time of your reservation will always be honoured for two years.

We understand that this represents a significant investment.  However, the costs associated with raising high quality dogs from fully health tested parents are significant.  The value of this health testing is passed on to the adopting family with much lower risk of health issues in the offspring.  We health test our parents at Paw Print Genetics.


Further, we provide a two year health guarantee that gives you a choice of our covering the vet fees (up to the purchase price of the pup) for any life threatening genetic illness in the first two years of the life of your dog OR a replacement dog at no cost.  We give the option of extending your health guarantee to 3 years, if you choose to continue feeding you dog TLC dog food for the duration of those 3 years.  What you feed your puppy and adult dog has a huge impact on your dog's overall health and wellness!!

NOTE:  Prices are subject to change but all prices will be locked in at the time of your deposit and honoured for 2 years.


NOTE: All prices will be locked in at the time of your deposit and honoured for 2 years.


Mini Australian Labradoodles (25-35 lbs)

Coat-Type: all puppies are soft fleece 

$3200 (includes HST) - Black, Chocolate, Black Parti, Chocolate Parti


$3500 (includes HST) - Caramel, Caramel Parti, Blue Merle, Chocolate Merle, Black Phantom, Chocolate Phantom

See "Labradoodle Colours" for more info about colours.

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