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Welcome to

Doodle Sweethearts!

Doodle breeders since 2009

We are a family labradoodle breeder located near Listowel, Ontario, Canada. We live in the country on a one acre property, surrounded by farmland.  We love our location here and feel so blessed with the space to enjoy blue skies, snow storms and sunsets!

We are a small breeder with current breeding stock being 3 females and 2 males that live in our kennel and are socialized with us and our 5 children.  We provide love and support to our mommas and puppies.


We each have our favourite things to do...  Darren is our Labradoodle Breeder, technician, and head of the cuddles and scratching heads department!  He loves to give each dog special attention and sit and talk to them.  They of course soak it up and respond with tail wagging and affectionate licks!

Stephanie enjoys answering the phone, chatting with customers and answering e-mails, taking puppy pictures and researching the genetics of colours, and coats etc.   Stephanie’s is the voice you will most likely hear if you call with questions!

Hudson is 15 and does such a great job and takes pride in keeping tabs on when we need to order more food or supplies!  

Keishana 13, and Skylar 9 take care of feeding, watering and keeping the pens fresh and clean every day.  They enjoy introducing the collars and leash or just cuddling a puppy while they read a book!


Makenna 7, and Kohler 5 love to play with the puppies!  They love to give the puppies wagon rides and trike rides in the summer or have a couple in the sandbox with them while they play.  Their giggles are priceless when the puppies show their affection with licks of love; and humour them with their romping and mischief!

Its become a Doodle Sweethearts tradition to show our appreciation to our children for the different ways they help by treating them to a "Doodle Sweethearts Christmas Banquet" in the winter and by taking them on an outing to Dairy Queen for icecream in the summer.  We've all come to look forward to these outings and we treasure them.

We are supported by the fabulous Vets, Vet techs, and Staff at Heartland Animal Hospital in Listowel.


We have met so many new breeder friends since starting this journey in 2009 and we have been amazed and blessed at how so many breeders look at this profession as "community" and not competition.  Thank you Doodle Creek, Kybra Kennels, Arrowhead Labradoodles, Kent Family Farms and Canadian Doodles for your contribution into our breeding program by answering questions, offering support and helping us learn!!!   


Paw Print Genetics has become a foundational piece of our breeding program as they health test our dogs as well as coat test our F1b puppies!  Their expertise is par none!  Their service is 5 star and they always make sure all our questions are answered and in a timely manner; even calling us personally on a Saturday evening!


  1. To provide open and honest communication. Honest details about all of our dogs.

  2. To support you through the entire journey, from puppy hood to when old age sets in.

  3. To honour our health guarantee.

  4. To have done our research and be knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge.


Breeding healthy and well tempered dogs is so very important to us. We select our breeding stock with great care and strive to provide an enriching experience to our pups while in our care.​ 


Breeding prospects are selected at 8 weeks of age based on their temperament and an initial health exam that will confirm no heart issues.

Between the ages of 9 and 14 months, the breeding prospects are subject to more rigorous health testing: 


Breeding prospects that don’t meet our standards are spayed/neutered and live out their lives as treasured pets to their guardian families.



Take your time and ask the right questions!

  • Health Testing – What testing, if any, has been done on the parents. The highest standards of testing would be hips, elbows, thyroid, heart, eyes and relevant DNA genetic disease testing. Health testing will not guarantee the health of your dog, but it will increase the likelihood you won’t have issues.
    Annual health checks with the local Vet are not the same as rigorous health testing.​

  • Health Guarantee – Does the breeder provide a health guarantee, what is covered, how long does it last?

  • Prenatal Diet – What kind of food did the mother eat while pregnant?

  • Puppy Diet – What kind of food will the pups be eating?  Look it up on:

  • Some Breeders feed 1 star food and some feed 4/5 star. It is proven that the quality of nutrition the mother receives while pregnant affects the pups.

  • Get the Complete Price – What does the cost of the pup include? Vaccines? microchips? health exam? health tested parents? If the breeder incurs them, you don’t have to, but the purchase price will be higher.


It is important to understand that the more the breeder offers, the higher the purchase price will be. That is because health testing is expensive, building a breeding program of quality lines is expensive, good food and good health care is expensive, investing in all aspects of the pups’ well-being is expensive.


Some of these things may not be important to you and that’s perfectly fine. You will be able to find breeders that offer a range of ‘services’ and a range of prices. You need to find one that offers those that are important to you.

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