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black australian labradoodle



Australian Labradoodles

Hello Stephanie, 

Hope you are well.  It’s really exciting for Zoe to be bred again.  Papi is wonderful. He never stop to amaze us at how amazingly sweet he is with everybody in any situation.  His only « flaw » is that it’s really difficult to get a good picture of him because of his color. 😂 I still put a couple of nice pictures (even though we can’t see his eyes) in attachement.  He was weighed at the vet yesterday and he is at 22.4 pounds and he is not four months yet.

Have a good day!  Maude


Parents: Zoe & Phoenix

Owners: Maude,  Longueuil, QUEBEC

Papi -mini australian  labradoodle.jpg
Papi- mini  australian labradoodle-001.j
Papi-mini australian labradoodle.jpg
Papi -  mini black australian labradoodl


Parents: Zoe & Phoenix

Owners: Allessia,  MILTON, ON

Shilo is currently 34lbs.

Her temperament is very calm. We always get compliments on how calm she is (after she says hello).

She is very gentle around young kids that trys to grab her tail and grab her fur. She lets them touch her as they please.

We always get compliments on her coloring and markings. They are always curious on her breed.

She is very independent, especially at the dog park.

She is also very vocal. She lets us know whenever she wants to play, go outside, when someone is at the door, etc.

And she loves to cuddle at night.

Keep in touch,    Allessia

Shilo -mini black parti phantom labradoo
Shilo - mini black parti phantom labrado
Shilo -mini multigen black parti phantom
Shiloh - mini multigen black phantom par


Parents: Zoe & Phoenix

Owners: Daniel  Toronto, ON

We named him Rufus and he is doing well he is about 8kg when we went to the vet.   Daniel

Rufus - mini chocolate parti phantom lab


Parents: Zoe & Phoenix

Owners: Anna,   Ridgeway, ON

Hi Stephanie,

 His name is Aussie. At his 4 month appointment, he weighed in at 17lbs. How much more do you think he will grow? 

 Things have been great, he is potty trained- which went very smooth. He is so much fun and such a joy in my life!

Here are a couple shots. If I get some better ones I will send your way.     Anna 

Aussie - mini chocolate parti Australian
Aussie - mini Australian labradoodle.jpg
Aussie - mini chocolate parti australian
Aussie -mini chocolate parti Australian


Parents: Zoe & Phoenix

Owners: Heather,  Burlington, ON

Hi Stephanie,

So great to hear from you! We have SO many pictures of Millie (probably too many!) and I've attached a bunch from the last couple of months.  Last time we weighed her (about a month ago) she was 23 lbs! Just a little girl, but with the biggest personality.  Let me know if you want more pictures... I have tons to send!  Can't wait to see the pictures of the new puppies. We REALLY want another one, but will wait another year or two :)    Heather, Pat & Millie

Millie - mini chocolate parti australian
Millie -mini chocolate parti australian
Millie -mini chocolate parti australian
Millie - mini chocolate parti australian


Parents: Zoe & Phoenix

Owners: Greg,  Dundas, ON

Hello. All is good   Pic here. 12 pounds or so?  Greg

Massie - mini australian labradoodle.jpg
chocolate labradoodle


Parents: Zoe & Phoenix

Owners: Phil,  Pickering, ON

Hi Stephanie,

“Freddie” is doing great.  The crate and potty training is going well, our biggest challenge is the nipping/biting with those little razor teeth, especially when excited, but we’re making progress and starting puppy class on Thursday.  He loves to run and play in the backyard, plenty of puppy energy to use up.  He’s had his second round of shots and weighing in at almost 14 pounds.  


Tough to get a good picture of him, just looks like a black fur ball, maybe time for grooming! Phil

Freddie - mini multigen black australian
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