32 lbs - 16" tall

Myla is a black phantom (black& tan) F1b Mini Labradoodle bred here at Doodle Sweethearts.  She is a daughter to Lexis and Cooper. Her beautiful black coat with the phantom genetics will give us beautiful puppies that will be black and tan, brown and tan, black and white, brown and white and even some tricolour (black, white & tan, and brown, white & tan). Myla is a such a loving girl and especially loves our children. She is a girl that loves to play and be with children as much as possible. Her puppies will be much like her and they will make great family companions.

Genetic Health Certificates

Contact: Darren & Stephanie Huber | Listowel  ON  N4W 3G8 | 519 291 6633  Contact Form

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