Mini / Medium F1b Labradoodle Testimonials

The mini / medium F1b Labradoodle makes a fantastic family pet.  Reading through the testimonials here, you will see they have an amazing disposition.

Mini Australian Labradoodle Testimonials

The mini Australian Labradoodle is probably our most popular.  They make an amazing small to mid sized pet and their charming personalities are very desirable as well.  They are smart, playful and very affectionate.

Standard F1b Labradoodle Testimonials

The standard labradoodle makes a fantastic family pet.  Reading through the testimonials here you will see they are nothing more than big teddy bears.  Their amazing temperaments makes their larger size a non issue.

Mini F1 Labradoodle Testimonials

The mini F1 labradoodles  are stunning.  You get the best of both worlds with the look of a lab but very minimal shedding compared to a lab.  You will not be disappointed having one of these puppies as a family companion! They will be excellent with children and will make the ultimate family dog.

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