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Australian Labradoodles


Parents: Myla & Phoenix

Owners: Linda P.    PICTON, ON

Hi Stephanie!!

Here’s an updated picture of our Harley!!! We couldn’t be more in love !!!!

This is the sweetest, most loving and affectionate puppy we could ever wish for!!!

Harley - mini Black Parti Australian Labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Myla & Phoenix

Owners: Justyna N.    KINGSTON, ON

Hello Stephanie,


I hope you are well.  Thank you for all the scrambling that happened last minute when my husband decided he was coming to pick out a puppy!  He fell in love with the puppy at your home (Ace) and on the drive home to Kingston.  He decided the puppy's name would be Enzo.  Both dogs are getting along well and Enzo is a smart little guy.  Obi is sweet, but oh so stubborn!  We hope he grows out of this a bit over time.


I thought I would share some pictures of Enzo and the two together.


Thanks again,




Parents: Myla & Phoenix

Owners: Janette H.    GUELPH, ON

Hi Stephanie,

I have been meaning to send you a note all summer to let you know what a joy little Nuala is. We have been spending most of our time up at the lake where we are water access only which gives her lots of freedom. Guest dogs have come and she is so affable and friendly to all. She is always admired when out and about and has become a really lovely companion.
My father, who has Alzheimer’s especially loves to spend time with her.
She was just spayed almost two weeks ago which slowed her down a little, but she is on the mend and getting back to be her old self.
Many thanks and hope you and your family have had a lovely summer.



Parents: Myla & Phoenix

Owners: Holly F.    ST. THOMAS, ON

Hi there, 

Just thought I would send you a pic of Oaklie. Hes so beautiful..get compliments on him all the time! Hes very busy. active and very smart. He is the King of our household. He is well loved and cared for and very spoiled!

I m very happy with him. He makes my heart full❤️


Holly Finlay

Oaklie - mini black parti phantom australian labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Myla & Phoenix

Owners: Calandra G.    WOODSTOCK, ON

Hi there, 

I wanted to give you an update on Oliver.  He has settled into our home perfectly and its like he has always been here.  He gets a ton of attention, loves his walks and treats and is trying very hard to figure out why our cat Mineau wants nothing to do with him (probably has something to do with his constant chasing of her) He loves being up at our trailer in Grand Bend and has made lots of doggy friends. 

He was neutered on Monday and everything is going well.  He is not happy about not getting his walks this week and doesn't love that we are keeping him quite as he is a very eneregenic little guy.  


We are absolutely in love with him and are grateful to have found him through your site.  Please enjoy the pictures and we will be contacting you again if we decide that Oliver needs a brother or sister to play with.  


Thanks again, 


Oliver - mini black labradoodle.jpg
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