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Mini / Medium F1b Labradoodles


Parents: Chloe & Oakley

Owner: Claire,  Burlington, ON

We are doing fantastic and we named her Cleo, she is absolutely amazing and has been just what our family needed. She slept through the night after 2 weeks and she is really starting to get the potty training. Our vet is so impressed with her and said she is going to be a very calm and good natured dog which we already see. We honestly couldn't imagine being without her now and love her with all our hearts. This Christmas was always going to be a difficult one as I lost my Mum suddenly in September so it would be the first Christmas without her but Cleo made it a little easier and gave the kids a great focus. 


We so appreciate everything you did and also we are so happy that you helped us to pick Cleo she is everything and more that we could have ever wished for. Thank you so much and we have already given your name and number to 3 other families who are considering a dog.

Cleo - chocolate labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Chloe & Oakley

Owners: Lisa & Claudio,  Windsor, ON

Hello Stephanie,


How are you?  We have just come back from the vet with good news.  The ball therapy has worked and Milo’s teeth are perfect!! 

The neuter surgery will be in July.  They will get back to me with an exact date.  Once it is done I will forward all the paperwork to you.  


I’ve included a recent picture of him sporting his summer look.  He’s a very lovable puppy and loves to play fetch.  Sincerely  Lisa

Milo - mini f1b chocolate labradoodle  .

Hi Stephanie! 


Sorry for the late reply. His name is Oliver and he’s the sweetest little puppy ever! He’s so smart and everyone in the family loves him! Thanks so much for following up with us :) Best,    Emma 


Parents: Chloe & Oakley

Owners: Emma

Oliver - mini F1b chocolate abstract lab


Parents: Chloe & Oakley

Owners: Amber,  Cambridge, ON

Hi Stephanie!


Rolo has settled in very well. He plays with my other dog Lacey. Sleeps in his crate without much fuss. He slept from 10:30 til 7am last night, so we are very happy about that haha. 


It's hard to get a good picture of him! He's so dark. I've attached some. My husband will take some better ones soon with or good camera. These are just from my phone.  Thanks,    Amber

Rolo - mini F1b chocolate phantom labrad


Parents: Chloe & Oakley

Owners: Pam

Hi Stephanie,


Mocha had a great off leash play at Bruce Pit yesterday, with another doodle.  Turns out, they are half-brother and sister!  Mocha and Oakley (Jr.) had a great play, and I met an owner (John N.) who truly loves his doodle.  


We love our “Moax” as we call her, (or “Mocha-doodle").  She has a great personality and is usually fearless when playing with other dogs.  So much fun!



Mocha -chocolate phantom F1b labradoodle


Parents: Chloe & Oakley

Owners: Michael & Samantha,  Waterloo, ON

Hi Stephanie and Darren,    We wanted to reach out and say thank you for giving us such a sweet, playful and intelligent little puppy... whose name is now Zoey!  We absolutely adore everything about her and can't wait to see how her personality continues to evolve as time goes on.  Already she loves the great outdoors so much we sometimes struggle with getting her back inside =).  Her favourite things right now are playing fetch (and walking with sticks in her mouth), eating snow, bouncing in the water and cuddling with her people.  We couldn't be happier!   Samantha & Michael

Zoey - mini F1b chocolate abstract labra
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