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Bruce - mini parti labradoodle - mia x o



Mini / Medium F1b Labradoodles

Georgia is great such a smart girl. We are enjoying her a lot... she's settled in here and just adores our daughter. We had her groomed a few weeks ago will send an updated photo. Everyone loves her colouring and her eyes. Thanks for your message again. We're very happy with Georgia


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Stacey,  Listowel, ON

Georgia - mini f1b chocolate labradoodle


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Carla,  London, ON

Hazel is doing well. We had a bit of a turbulent time with her through June but she is well on the mend. Her mischievousness had gotten her into some tummy troubles. She has a tendency to eat underwear. This little habit of hers caused two blockages, two separate weeks. She had to have surgery. We continue to work closely with our vet and she has been doing well so far. Fingers crossed.She is currently at 30 pounds and is a big lump of love.  We love her to bits and she has become such an important member of our family. She does keep us on our toes.  She is always smiling.

Hazel - F1b labradoodle.JPG


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Blathnaid

Here’s Bran with his sister Rua!   Blathnaid

Bran - F1b chocolate labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Betty,  Komoko, ON

Ivy is super sweet & a great addition to our family - she is very smart and learns easy - she is super loving - and loves affection- she has been to our vet and is on schedule with her shots and worming- has had her nails trimmed and has been bathed 3 times and is adjusting to her regular brushing - we are over the moon in love with this little girl!

Ivy - F1b parti labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Billy,  Toronto, ON

Thanks for checking in. Coco is doing absolutely great. House training is almost there, it's very seldom that anything happens in the house and then usually we can chalk that up to our fault. She's an awesome dog - very feisty. She can sit, stay, give high fives and learning every day. I'll send you some pictures as soon as we have some new ones.  We're all crazy about her.  Cheers, Billy

Coco  - mini f1b parti labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Frank,  Mississauga, ON

Hope all is well. Charlie is growing so big. She was spayed on January 12th and recovered quite well from her surgery. She is a joy to have around and knows she is loved. She is the little queen of this house that's for sure. She is close to 30lbs now so she is big and remarkably strong.  Frank

Charlie - Fib parti labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Amy,  Markham, ON

Hi Stephanie,I've been checking out your website from time to time. BamBam is doing great, we all love him!!!

Take care, Amy

BamBam - F1b parti labradoodle.JPG


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Marissa,  Toronto, ON

Hi Stephanie, So nice to meet you!!  I named her Hazel and she really the best dog. She's been house trained since day 1, pretty well, and after some adjustment to the sounds of the city and other dogs/people, she's settling in so well. She learns so quickly and she's calm. The vet visit went well - she got her shots and deworming/heartworm as well as tick/flea medication and she's healthy as can be.  Thank you so much for checking in!

Hazel - mini f1b parti labradoodle - mia


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Paula,  New Liskeard, ON

Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to touch base and send a couple pics of sweet Stella! She is doing great and is a perfect addition to our family. She has been going to daycare each day and comes home exhausted from playing all day! She hasn't had any accidents in the house and goes in her crate on her own at night and sleeps great!  She isn't a great eater though. She has had two vet visits and is putting on weight so it isn't an issue, but wondering if you have found this? She just doesn't seem overly interested in her food, despite not getting any treats or table scraps etc.  Anyway, I just wanted to send a few pics and let you know how happy we are with our sweet girl!! Paula

Stella - chocolate parti labradoodle .JP


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: John & Dawn,   Ottawa, ON

Last night she cried a little when we went upstairs to bed but soon settled down. Today I will work from home to make sure she gets outside frequently, and Dawn will take over for the rest of the week. 


We couldn't be happier with Hershey. She is the sweetest and most laid-back puppy I have ever known and befriends all who meet her. She is sweet and gentle and is happy snuggling or romping in the grass.


Thanks for everything, Stephanie. It was a pleasure meeting you and your beautiful family.   Best wishes, John. 

Hershey - mini F1b chocolate labradoodle


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Melissa,  Ottawa, ON

Dez made it to his new home shortly after midnight last night.  He was so good for us in the car.   Just a little cuddle monster.  No accidents and he even slept through the night until 6am in his crate beside our bed.  We are so in love with him and so thankful to have him.

Thanks so much again.  Melissa

Dez mini F1b chocolate labradoodle.jpg


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Eileen,  Toronto, ON

Hi Stephanie. How time flies. I can't believe Star is 5 months old today. She's doing very well.  She has a strong and demanding personality and an insatiable appetite. She's very healthy and super intelligent. She has brought a lot of joy into our household. She has a dog walker come in twice a day and she (dog walker) is besotted with Star. I get an email every evening about how amazing she did that day and how wonderful she is.  My son wants to get another puppy but I think We have our hands full with Star bar.

Wishing you peace and blessings for the year ahead.  Eileen

Star - mini f1b chocolate labradoodle -


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Melanie,  Mississauga, ON

With regards to Charlie We are not quite sure yet whether my son is showing mild allergies to him, or if it's ragweed season or a just a cold, keeping our fingers crossed...We are though thoroughly enjoying him! Loves shoes, funniest to see him carry my husbands old ones, size 12!  And barks at upside down silver bowls? He seems to be a quick learner, knows who the pack leaders are, sits at crosswalks, and at the door to put his leash on and off, responds well to no, and lots of praise, we've made some progress with the house training, and looks like 3 nights a charm for him to settle himself at night, though he's not to sure of staircases with more than 2 steps and won't attempt to try. Haven't yet taken many photos as we are concentrating on the training for both Charlie and my son! Thank you so much for creating this little bundle of energy and we'll keep you posted with pics if you'd like!    Melanie

Charlie-Mini F1B Chocolate Labradoodle.j


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Lori,  Burlington, ON

Hi Stephanie,

I forgot how much work this is... Fitzgerald (Fitz for short) is lovely and he is settling in fine. I ordered the food from TLC and I hope it doesn't take too long as he has a good appetite! Thank you for giving us a wonderful boy, we truly love him.         Lori

Fitz - mini F1B chocolate phantom labrad


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Jennifer,  ALBERTA, CANADA

Hi Stephanie,

Aside from the second broken leg, Stella is doing well! She is so smart and easy to train. She's also very cuddly and oh so cute with her hot pink cast. The vet is expecting a speedy recovery despite the grave type of the break.

Thanks for checking in on her.   Jennifer

Stella - mini F1B chocolate labradoodle


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Jeannine,  Uxbridge, ON

Hi Stephanie,

Here are some more updated pics of Boden. He is shedding now but lightly and he is just wavy hair. We have been keeping his hair short. He is just below my knee and weighs 25lbs. Thanks so much for everything. He is the best dog. Very smart and loveable.  Take care,    Jeannine

Boden - mini f1b chocolate labradoodle.j


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Roxanne,  Waterloo, ON

Hi Stephanie,

Diamond is amazing! She is truly one of the family now. She is very clever. Fully house trained in a couple weeks. We crate her when we are out, but she manages to escape no matter what lock we use.  I had her in puppy training classes, and she won top dog. I am attaching a picture of her awards. She is going to the next level of training in the new year. When she turns 1 I will be doing agility training with her, possibly compete one day. She is fast and smart!  Her colouring is unique for a labradoodle, very cute. Maybe one day we can arrange a visit.    Roxanne

Diamond - mini F1B parti labradoodle - M


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Linda,  Windsor, ON

Hi Stephanie,

I am well and how is your beautiful family? I am sending you a picture that was taken a few weeks ago but I will send you an up to date one after she has had a bath today. I have named her Luna. She is very smart and is house broken already and has fit in well with my Golden. She is 14 inches to the shoulders and weighed 20 lbs last week at the animal clinic. She got a hair cut a few weeks ago and it is growing in to be a light brown and white. She has beautiful markings and has a big brown heart on her right side. Her eyes are a beautiful colour of greenish yellow. The girls at the animal clinic just love her. She loves to play outside and because it is quite wet out this time of year she gets quite dirty so she is used to having a lot of baths! I am an artist and my specialty is animals so I will be painting her when she is full grown in a few months so I will send you a copy. Your puppies are fantastic and wish you much luck in the future!

Thanks,  Kind regards and wishing you and your family Merry Christmas!    Linda

Luna - mini F1B parti labradoodle2.jpg


Parents: Mia & Oakley

Owners: Mary,  New Castle, ON

Hi Stephanie:

I hope that you and all your family are very well.  I have just sent you 2 Poppy photos; you can see that she is very relaxed here in her home with us. She continues to be a totally delightful little puppy; still very playful and exuberant. But she is also very gentle and sweet natured. You would be proud of her I know!   Mary

Poppy - mini parti labradoodle 3.jpg
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