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Doodle Sweethearts Health Guarantee


c/o Darren & Stephanie Huber

6492 Sideroad 6, RR3

Listowel, Ontario Canada   N4W 3G8

Ph. 519.291.6633




To the best of our knowledge at Doodle Sweethearts, this puppy is of good health at the time of possession. 


We, Doodle Sweethearts, offer no guarantee for disposition, life span, or colour.  We guarantee up to and no more than 24 months after the date of sale against life threatening genetic illnesses diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian.  We agree to extend this warranty to 3 years if the pup stays on TLC dog food exclusively this entire time.  

Should a life threatening genetic illness appear within this time period, we will either replace the puppy with another of equal value or we will reimburse you the amount of and no greater than the purchase price of the puppy.

In this situation, we will require a clearly written and signed letter of diagnosis from your licensed veterinarian along with his/her telephone number before any reimbursement occurs. We, the sellers, reserve the right to a second opinion at no cost to the buyer.  In the event of a puppy replacement, we will assume no shipping costs.

We, the sellers, take no responsibility for any veterinarian costs whatsoever after the puppy or dog leaves the premises of Doodle Sweethearts.



This is a NON-BREEDING contract.  Buyer agrees that this puppy is not to be bred at any time, under any circumstances, either accidentally or intentionally. 


The buyer must agree to spay/neuter this puppy before the puppy is 8 months old.  The buyer (owner) is responsible for any and all costs associated with the spay/neutering of this puppy. 


Transfer of ownership does NOT waive the responsibility of said owner to spay/neuter this puppy.  Buyer/owner agrees to provide proof of spay/neuter from their licensed veterinarian to seller/breeder by the time the puppy is 10 months of age. 



Puppy’s Parents: ____________________________________________________________________________                          Gender:_____________________________________________________________________________________

Coat Colour:_________________________________________________________________________________                                   

Date of Birth:________________________________________________________________________________

Breed: ______________________________________________________________________________________                                     

Purchase Price including HST:_______________________________________________________________

Buyer’s Printed Name: ______________________________________________________________________


Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________                                    City:__________________________________________________________________________________________

Postal Code:_________________________________________________________________________________  




Buyer’s Signature

I,                                                                                                                                  , agree to all of the above conditions.



Seller’s Signature: ______________________________________________________________________________

                                   Darren or Stephanie Huber                                                                                              

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