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Tina - F1b blue merle labradoodle  .jpg



Mini / Medium F1b Labradoodles


Coat-Type: Soft Curly Wool

Size: 35-45 lbs

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owner: Marilyn W.    Chesterville, ON

Hi Stephanie,

I had to send you this!  Pepper’s latest mode of transportation!!  This is one well traveled puppy!!




Coat-Type: Wavy Soft Fleece

Size: 30-45 lbs

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owner: Dave & Gerri and Nubie,  Ilderton, ON

Hi Stephanie,

These are pictures of Nubie, she was born September 24, 2018...Lexi and Cooper litter. She was really black as a pup, but has been changing to almost a greyish colour, the last two pics are from today after she was groomed and it looks like she’s got a Merle look to her like her mom?!  She is the cuddliest, loving dog, but is so excited when when people visit, but calms down after a bit. She awesome with the little kids as well. I saw on the doodle site on Facebook another pup from you guys, and I was chatting with Tracey, they have a black female, 5 moths old, named Luna I think? We live in Ilderton now since August 2019, I noticed another doodle lives here as well but I haven’t met up with them yet, I believe she turned a grey colour as well lol.


Take care

Dave & Gerri 

Nubie -mini F1b black labradoodle.jpg
Nubie- black F1b labradoodle.jpg


Coat-Type: Curly Soft Wool

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Mike & Cathy,  Waterloo, ON

Good morning Stephanie

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to share with you that our Hampton is doing very well. He is a very good boy and has such a lovely temperament.  We are thoroughly enjoying him.  We hope all is well. 

Take care, Mike and Cathy 

Hampton - mini F1b black labradoodle.jpg


Coat-Type:  Wavy, Wiry Coat

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Ken & Cathy,  Windsor, ON

Hi Stephanie & Darren,


Charlie has become the puzzle piece to our little family.  SHE picked us out the day we went to see the puppies and we couldn't be happier.  From day 1 she grabbed us by the hearts and we simply could not love her more.


She is a genius mastermind, sassy, loyal, outgoing, friendly, happy, fearless, and very very loving!  Everyone who see's her comments on her beautiful coat and colours and asks, what breed is she?  We've given your name and contact information to 2 families who are genuinely interested in having a labradoodle in their family.  Both loved the fact that she is not a full size labradoodle, so I'm hoping they will connect and find their new addition, through you.  We look forward to years of adventures with Charlie, she has already changed our lives, so much for the better!!!

Thank you again!  We love our Charlie! 

charlie  - F1b chocolate merle labradood


Coat-Type:  Curly Soft Wool

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Lianna & Matthew,  Ottawa, ON

Hi Stephanie,

Hope all is well!  We wanted to send an update on Tina...

We are IN LOVE. Not only is she absolutely adorable, she’s been incredibly easy to train. She’s very eager to please and loves her treats! She’s the most affectionate dog we’ve ever met - she loves everyone, cannot get enough hugs and kisses and loves to cuddle. Also, we love her expressive eyes - we can always tell what she’s thinking! Attached are some recent photos.

We’re starting to think about scheduling an appointment to have her spayed. Our vet suggested that we wait till as close to her first heat as possible, without her having her first heat. We were just wondering - have you gotten any feedback from other puppy parents as to when Lexis’ female puppies had their first heat? Or at what age they were spayed? From what we’ve read, 6 months seems to be the target, but were wondering what your experience has been. 

We’re planning to get Tina a sibling once she’s a bit older, so we’ll definitely be in touch for a second labradoodle puppy in a year or two :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!    Lianna & Matthew

Tina - F1b blue merle labradoodle .jpg


Coat-Type: Wavy Soft Fleece

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Jim & Stephanie,  Calgary, ALBERTA

Finnegan has grown into a beautiful  dog. He has changed color 2 or 3 times. His personality is fantastic if not on the mischievous side.

Doodle Sweethearts were great to work with when we made the decision to get a new pup. Stephanie was very helpful and always answered our texts or emails, which helped as we were working from long distance.

Jim and Stephanie Patty



Coat-Type: Curly, Wiry Coat

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Kristin,  Toronto, ON

Hi Stephanie,

Ralph is doing great. He’s the sweetest little guy and we just love him. I’ve attached some recent pictures. 

Hope all is well! Look forward to seeing pictures of the new pups on your website.  Kristin

Ralph - F1b black phantom


Coat-Type: Wavy, Wiry Coat

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Hannah,  St. George, ON



I hope these photos find you well! I apologize for the delay in sending these. Nash has been fitting in perfectly with our family and we love him dearly!


Thank you,




Coat-Type: Wavy Soft Fleece

Parents: Lexis & Oakley

Owners: McLennan Family, ILDERTON, ON

Hi there hope all is well with you and the dogs.

Here an up to date photo of our Maggie May. She is such a good dog and fits in nicely with our family. 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.   McLennan Family

Maggie - F1b silver labradoodle.jpg


Coat-Type:  Curly, Wiry Coat

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Katie,  Sudbury, ON

Hi Stephanie,

Just wanted to touch base to let you know that Chase is doing great. He's a big boy, will likely be slightly bigger than his mom, right now he's about 31 lbs. He's a complete sweetheart, very loving and very smart. I've attached a few pictures for you ☺    Katie 

Chase - F1b chocolate labradoodle .JPG


Parents: Chloe & Bruno


Coat-Type: Curly Soft Wool

Parents: Lexis & Oakley

Owners: Lois,  London, ON

We are sooo happy with the looks and personality of Winnie.  She is so loving and kissy and loves to play with her big brother Paddy.  Can't imagine her not in our life!  Lois

Paddy & Winnie - chocolate parti labrado


Coat-Type: Curly Soft Wool

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Amy,  Carleton Place, ON

Hi Stephanie,

Rudy is doing great. He’s very smart and easy to train. I’ve attached a couple of pictures from after he got his first haircut a couple weeks ago.  Thanks,    Amy

Rudy -F1b chocolate phantom labradoodle.


Coat-Type: Curly Soft Wool

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Charlene,  Thunder Bay, ON

Doodle Bug is doing so well I just absolutely love her. Doodle and my poodle Tyke just love each other. She’s the love of my life. How small of dogs do you have? Happy Thanksgiving. We actually live on an island she loves the deer 🦌 they get along really well.    Charlene

Doodle Bug - F1b black labradoodle.jpg


Coat-Type: Curly Soft Wool

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Lauren,  Milton, ON

Hi Stephanie,


Great to hear from you. Murphy is doing great, we all love him so much! He’s settled in nicely in our family. He has his puppy moments but if we’re just relaxing he settles down too beside us. He’s done really well with training, finishes up his first round of obedience training this coming week and he loves his walks.


Attached Is a recent picture. We couldn’t have asked for a better pup or more support from you!


Happy Thanksgiving!    Lauren



Coat-Type: Wavy Soft Fleece

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Youssef,  Mississauga, ON

Hi Stephanie

Baloo is doing amazing, he's such a character. He looks better now then he did when we picked him up. We get complements everywhere we go about his markings. He has been mistaken for everything from Australian Shepard, Portuguese water dog to bernedoodle.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanks and regards,    Youssef

Baloo - blue merle phantom F1b labradood


Coat-Type: Wavy, Wiry Coat

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Kenny,  Mississauga, ON

Hi stephanie

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.    Kenny 

Simba - F1b chooclate merle labradoodle.

XOCHIL "SoChill"

Coat-Type: Wavy Wiry Coat

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Mariano,  Vaughn, ON

Hi Stephanie,

She is doing great thanks!  Her name is Xochil (pronounced like “so chill”)

Her siblings are all so cute.  She just got spayed last Friday and is recovering perfectly.  Mariano

Xochil -F1b black labradoodle.jpg


Coat-Type: Wavy Soft Fleece 

Parents: Lexis & Cooper

Owners: Connor,  Markham, ON

Hi Stephanie, 


We are all doin well we decided to name him Bruin .. he is now best friends with our older dog named Boston! 


He was great with getting house trained rarely has any more accidents in the house. He has made a wonderful transition. 


We have some photos but I’ll continue to get some clear shots of him and will send them to you.  Connor

Bruin - F1b blue merle labradoodle-001.j


Coat-Type: Curly Wiry Coat 

Parents: Lexis & Oakley

Owners: Angie,  Woodbridge, ON



Just following up on your email.  We have named him Henri.  He is doing very well.  I have enclosed some pictures.  Thanks so much. 




F1b chocolate phantom labradoodle.jpg
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