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apricot mini labradoodle

What is an APRICOT / GOLD coat?

An apricot coloured dog has fur the colour of the inside of a peach and a black nose. Many apricot coats will fade over time, and some will deepen in colour. The colour should be even throughout and the roots should not be lighter.


The difference between apricot and caramel is apricot dogs have black noses and caramel dogs have caramel noses.


All dogs with an "ee" pair will be Cream (cream means any of the following colors: white, cream, apricot, red, yellow (as in Labs), golden (as in Goldens)

  • BBee is a cream dog

  • Bbee is a cream dog carrying recessive brown

  • bbee is a cream dog with brown pigment (caramel)

  • Shades of those basic colours are modified by other genes

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