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Copied from Labradoodle Coat Types, this is the F1b coat types

The Straight / Wavy Wiry Hair Coat

What is a Coarse Wavy Hair Coat?

  • A coarse, wavy coat varies in thickness and length, but typically is wavy and feels more coarse like a lab.

  • Very low maintenance as far as brushing goes, apart from a weekly wash and brush to remove the dead fur. 

  • Resembles a lab puppy with a shaggy scruffy appearance.

  • These dogs are great for the family or a person who loves the Lab but wants less shedding than a lab. 

  • This is a low maintenance option for someone who wants the personality and health benefits of the Labradoodle breed but don't mind a bit of shedding.

mini F1B parti labradoodle
mini F1B chocolate labradoodle

Curly Wiry Coat

What is a Curly Coarse Coat?


  • A curly coat is generally non shedding; it is coarse-feeling like a lab, but curly like a poodle.

  • Curly coats can be kept short or long depending on your lifestyle but generally need to be clipped every 6-8 weeks, or they will develop mattes.

  • Weekly brushing is required to clear any mattes. 

  • Unlike some other breeds, dogs with fleece ,curly, and wool coats shed very little dander (skin cells) a common cause of allergies in humans which makes them excellent for households with allergies.

mini F1B chocolate labradoodle
mini F1b black phantom labradoodle
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